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Naturally Effective Health Solutions

Welcome to our Holistic Center where everyone's treatment is personalized

Quantum Biofeedback

The EPFX and The SCIO is a state of the art bio-feedback system, testing thousands of tissues, organs, nutrients, toxins and allergens. It scans the body for deficiencies, weaknesses, allergies, abnormalities and food sensitivities, functional hormonal status levels, viruses and bacteria, mold, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, fungi and parasites, and the balance of the internal organs.

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BEMER Treatments

A Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field treatment increases general blood flow, the body’s nutrient and oxygen supply and waste disposal, cardiac function, physical fitness, energy, concentration, stress reduction and sleep management.

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Footbath Treatments

The Lectro Chi Premier Energy Foot Spa is for anyone seeking easy, relaxing detoxification.

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