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The EPFX / SCIO is a state of the art bio-feedback system, testing thousands of tissues, organs, nutrients, toxins and allergens. It scans the body for weaknesses, and imbalances, allergies and sensitivities, other abnormalities, hormone function, viruses and bacteria, mold, candida, fungi and parasites, deficiencies of minerals, vitamins, and enzymes and for the relative energetic balance of the internal organs.

It also measures mental frequencies and can map out a patient’s psychological and emotional state, indicating, for example, tendencies toward worry, or increased sensitivity to stress, which impact their overall health. The accuracy and reliability of this system is based on decades of research conducted in the field of bio-energetic feedback.

Dr. Amadi believes that lifestyle plays a very important role in determining health. One of the major causes of disease is stress. We are living in a very stressful society and unless we learn to be proactive about monitoring and managing our stress, the effects of stress are likely to accumulate in our bodies and cause disease.
Dr. Amadi takes the time during your first consultation to understand what is going on in your life to better plan an individualized course of treatment. She also takes the time to educate you on ways to improve your health by optimizing lifestyle habits and nutrition, helping you reduce your exposure to food allergens, stress reduction techniques, and a number of other services available through her practice that are designed to promote health and wellness.