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1) Does Dr. Amadi accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance, but my office visit is an “out of network” office visit for those types of insurance (except Medicare and Medicaid) that have out-of-network benefits. Payment is due at the time of the visit.

2) How much will my insurance carrier reimburse me for the office visit?

This depends on the details of your individual plan. I recommend calling your insurance company and asking them the following questions:
a. do I have out-of-network benefits?
b. what is my “out of network” deductible?
c. how much of my out of network deductible have I met so far this year?
d. what percentage of an out of network doctor’s office visit does my plan pay? (This will usually be anywhere from 60-80%.)

3) Why doesn’t Dr. Amadi accept insurance?

The main reason is that I view my primary responsibility as being to the patient, not to their insurance company. This means that I recommend to the patient what I feel would be best for them, and not just whatever their insurance company would be willing to pay for, as these can often be two different things.

Another reason is that many of the services I provide are geared towards disease prevention and health optimization. Such services are not viewed as being “medically necessary” by insurances who define “medically necessary” to mean management of an existing disease. Although my services do provide disease management as well, these are combined with disease prevention and health cultivation, and I do not choose to try to separate these functions, believing that they are best used in combination.

The last reason is that insurance companies can take up to 2-3 months to pay a claim, and/or may dispute it or say that they did not receive it and thus take even longer to pay. I run a practice in which I see a small number of patients per day compared to most physicians and therefore would not be able to survive as a business from the standpoint of cash flow if I were in-network for insurance (accepted payment directly from insurance companies).

4) How long are the initial and follow-up visits and what do they entail?

The FIRST VISIT for a NEW PATIENT appointment is 90 minutes long. This allows enough time to assess the patient’s baseline and develop a written plan to address the patients issues.

I prefer for the SECOND VISIT to be 90 minutes long. This allows enough time for me to assess the differences in the patient’s parameters on the quantum bio-feedback machine, find out how much of my suggestions they have incorporated into their life by then, and answer whatever questions they may have at that time re: what needs to be changed going forward. However, even though I prefer the second visit to be 90 minutes, if the patient feels that they cannot afford that, then even a 30 minutes visit is better than none. FOLLOW-UP VISITS after that point are arranged according to the individual needs of the patient.

For best results, I recommend once per month for 60-90 minutes, depending on the person, but any amount of time will be better than none. Appointment length for visits can vary from 30 minutes (which is only enough time for re-evaluation and testing) to 45 minutes, which is enough time for a very small amount of quantum biofeedback treatment, to 60 minutes to 90 minutes (which allows moderate to full amounts of time for treatment) to 2 hours for those patients who need more intensive treatment. A 90 minute visit is best for most patients monthly. Packages are available for intensive treatment needs. Please inquire about the current rates if you might be interested in this.

5) How often should follow-up visits be made?

I recommend waiting no longer than a month from the initial appointment for the first follow-up visit. This allows enough time for the patient to try implementing Dr. Amadi’s suggestions from the first visit, to see what questions have come up, to note changes in the patient’s symptoms and to see how their numbers and other parameters have changed since the first session. In certain cases, where I have recommended that the patient see another type of provider for an intensive course of therapy (e.g. a colon hydrotherapist), I may suggest that the patient wait 2 months for follow-up re-evaluation, to allow more time for the necessary changes to take place and to see how their treatment schedule can then be modified.

After the second follow-up, both Dr. Amadi and the patient can determine the best frequency and the length of time for follow-up visits. In general, I recommend coming in once a month for a 60-90 minutes visit, for best results. Depending on the seriousness of the condition or the degree of the patient’s resistance to change, it may be more advantageous to have them come in even more frequently.

In general, weekly would be the most often that I would suggest that a patient come in for treatment. Because so much can be done in a quantum biofeedback visit, it is not necessary for them to come in several times a week for best effect, the way it often is when using one modality alone (such as acupuncture or chiropractic).
Once the patient has had the first visit and then the second follow-up visit within a month’s time, they usually have a better idea by then of how quantum bio-feedback affects them and how much progress they’ve seen so far. This will give them and me a better idea about how frequently it would be best for them to be seen.

It also depends upon a person’s goals for their health. Everybody is different and different people have different standards for how healthy and functional they would like to be, as well as having different levels of commitment to making whatever lifestyle changes or investment it would take to achieve that.

Dr. Amadi tries to work within the patient’s budget and is willing to discuss what treatment course might be most financially strategic for any given patient’s situation. Sometimes Dr. Amadi might recommend other types of practitioners to best treat the patient’s issues (e.g. chiropractors, colon hydrotherapy, acupuncture, massage, psychotherapy, etc.) and then recommend reevaluation once they have had that course of therapy.

6) What kinds of conditions can Dr. Amadi treat?

In general, any chronic, functional disease or syndrome is something Dr. Amadi can assess and treat. If the situation is acute and/or an emergency, then it is not appropriate for Dr. Amadi to address at that time. Such patients need to go to the ER and/or be treated by conventional physicians using medications and/or surgery until their situation has stabilized.

At that point, it would be appropriate for Dr. Amadi to manage what has become a chronic functional problem. Dr. Amadi is capable of writing prescriptions for medications and will do so if she thinks they are advisable as an adjunct to stabilize a patient until more natural methods have time to work. However, she prefers to use natural remedies first and only, if that is possible, and allopathic (conventional medicine) prescriptions only as a last resort. Emergency situations are outside of her purview to treat.

7) Can Dr. Amadi treat my condition even if she has never had a patient with that particular diagnosis before?

Often I can, because I am treating the causes of the problem and not just the name it has been given by the medical profession. Mechanisms of a disease can be understood, using the quantum biofeedback machine, and their causes addressed, which will successfully alleviate the symptoms even if I have never seen a patient with a certain diagnosis before.

Examples of some conditions I have successfully treated are: hypertension, chronic fatigue, diabetes, musculoskeletal aches and pains, rheumatoid arthritis, circulatory problems, obesity, anxiety, depression, allergies, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, endocrine disorders, toxicity, autoimmune conditions (e.g. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis), insomnia, ADD, autism, irritable bowel and many more.

8) How does quantum biofeedback work, and what can it tell me about my condition?

Quantum biofeedback involves the reception and sending of electromagnetic frequencies from and to the patient. Just as an EKG machine detects the electromagnetic functioning of the heart and the EEG machine detects the electromagnetic functioning of the brain, the quantum biofeedback machine can detect the electromagnetic activity of the entire body and it can send out electromagnetic frequencies to the patient to optimize how they are functioning electromagnetically.

The reason electromagnetic functioning is so important is that the electromagnetic level is the ground floor of change. All change happens first at the electromagnetic level and these electromagnetic changes influence chemical reactions, since chemical reactions are governed by the electromagnetic charge on the different atoms and molecules which determines how and if they can combine. Chemical reactions, in turn, determine structural changes; for example, chronic inflammation (a chemical process) can influence changes in structure (e.g. deformations of the spine or the formation of masses). By being able to see and influence changes at the electromagnetic level, one can then improve functioning at that level, and by extension, the chemical and structural levels also.

Electromagnetic changes can take place in less than a second. Biochemical changes can take days to weeks to months to occur. Physical or structural changes can take months to years to occur.

Quantum bio-feedback can provide information about and improve the following areas: adrenal function, brain function, immune function and allergies, degree of hydration and oxygenation, stress levels, spinal energy flow, acupuncture meridian balance and flow, nutritional absorption and deficiencies, pH, toxicity, genetic inheritance and gene expression, auras, psychological and emotional states, glandular and hormone balance, organ energies, chakra balance. It can also be used for super learning, memory and sports enhancement, and for testing which natural remedies would be most helpful for the patient at that point in time. Quantum biofeedback can also give insight into patients levels of toxicity, which toxins and germs are affecting them the most, what organs are most affected by certain toxins as well as enabling the practitioner to detoxify a single organ or tissue layer or the body as a whole from specific germs and toxins–in a very precisely targeted yet gentle way!

9) How can quantum biofeedback assess and treat a patient remotely?

This has to do with the principles of quantum physics which relate to quantum entanglement. From the perspective of quantum physics, a person can be viewed as energy, not just as matter. Each individual is a unique collection of energies and frequencies which are radiated out into space in all directions at all times. If one has the appropriate equipment (the quantum biofeedback machine) the unique frequencies of any individual can be received and the appropriate frequencies sent back to them to help optimize their function, no matter where they are in the world.

To give an example of how this works, consider that we are being bombarded by different radio, TV, cell phone and wifi frequencies all the time. However, if we have a radio and we tune into a specific radio station, then we will only receive the frequencies of the particular radio station we are tuned to. (The difference is that quantum biofeedback can also send frequencies to a specific person as well as receive frequencies from them.)


I formulate bio-identical hormone replacement prescriptions using information I obtain by testing hormones for a patient on the quantum biofeedback machine, which is a different process than any other conventional doctors use. I use smaller dosages of hormones and the hormone prescriptions I write can be guided by labs (blood or saliva measurements) but are not determined by them. They are determined by measurement on the quantum biofeedback machine. This is because what the body needs to balance itself depends not only on the levels of hormones that the body is producing but also upon how their immune system is utilizing what they are making. This is an electromagnetic characteristic having to do with how the hormones bind to their receptors, so it can’t be measured in a biochemical test.

Conversely, the quantum biofeedback machine can tell you how the person is functioning, whether they are relatively normal, or hyper- or hypo-functioning, but it cannot give quantitative information about the levels of hormones being produced. Labs provide one type of information (quantitative, re: the levels of hormones that are being produced) and the quantum biofeedback machine gives more relative information about how the hormones are interacting with that person’s immune system, and most crucially, which hormones in which amounts are necessary in order to best compensate not only for the deficiency of hormone production but also for how the immune system is utilizing the hormones that are being produced.

It is my experience that often even subtle changes in the number of mg. or mcg. of hormones in a prescription can make a big difference in the way that a person feels. For example, most doctors would think that the difference between taking 1 mcg. Vs. 3 mcg. of T-3 (a thyroid hormone) would not be significant but I know that it would be.
Therefore, I like to follow each patient’s prescriptions for bio-identical hormones with monthly testing, at least until I begin to see what a patient’s pattern is. Some people’s optimal hormone prescriptions tend to change every month. Some people change even more frequently than that, and if it is too frequently, then these patients may best be managed by herbal or homeopathic approaches, or perhaps with glandular extracts or some combination of the above instead of bioidentical hormones. Some people tend to stay the same, month after month, although, in my practice, I find that to be a minority of people. For these patients, prescriptions of 60-90 day supply may be more convenient and will be less expensive per capsule the greater the supply that is ordered at one time.

Testing CAN be done REMOTELY! I am often asked how this can be done. The answer is that people are energy as much as they are matter, and that if one has the appropriate equipment (the quantum biofeedback machine) one can tune into their energies remotely, just like tuning a radio to a certain station will enable you to hear only the frequencies coming from the station you have tuned into, and not all the other frequencies that are out there. The person being tested does not have to be on the phone in order to be tested. They just have to arrange in advance to be tested. This is so that we can get the testing out of the way first thing in the day so that we can communicate back to the patient what they tested for and send the Rx’s into their compounding pharmacy. We ONLY do testing for bio-identical hormones on Tues., Wed. and Thurs. The patient needs to call the office to arrange for the testing on the day PRIOR to testing, and the patient must have NOT taken ANY hormones (including thyroid hormones) on the day of their testing, otherwise the results will not be accurate.

I charge $10 for the testing. I recommend to retest every month because it can make such a difference in how the patient feels with even a small change in prescription and it can also save the person money. For example, if the patient needed 2 hormones initially, and after a month or more of taking them now only needs one. If the patient feels that the hormones they were taking were perfect for them and just wants to have the same prescription sent into their compounding pharmacy, they can elect to do so and forgo retesting if they just let us know that that is what they want us to do. This is true for up to one year from the last time that I have seen the patient. I must see the patient to reevaluate them at least yearly in order to continue prescribing bio-identical hormones for them.

TESTING is equally accurate whether it is done remotely or in person. It is only the power of TREATMENT that varies according to whether it is done in person with the person “in harness”, meaning hooked up to the quantum biofeedback machine or whether it is done remotely.

I would estimate if the power of treatment, when done in harness, is considered to be 100%, then treatment done remotely would be about 70% as powerful. But still, 70% is very good, especially considering that this may allow for a treatment frequency that would not otherwise be possible due to geographic or scheduling issues. Again, the person who is being treated remotely does not have to be on the phone or doing anything specific in order to be treated; they can just be going about their usual activities.

REMOTE TREATMENTS are billed at the same rates as regular in-person treatments because billing goes by the amount of time it takes to do the treatment, which would be the same regardless of whether the patient is there in person or not.